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“Kanishk Bhushan”

I have been a tech enthusiast since my childhood. Just to give you a little background of all this, When I was a child, my father use to own a small franchise of a Computer Company which by the way has stopped manufacturing computers. I use to go there with him (My Father) regularly and was really fascinated watching all the things that a computer can do,(Maybe because of my age). That is when I developed an intrigue towards gadgets and tech.

Now I have given that interest a shape and My Youtube channel is a major part of it Technology & Things. I would love to be a small contributor in your digital life and literally help u to make that final purchase decision and simplifying tech to its core for you.

Apart from Tech, I have a good interest in Cars, I am a Foodie, A big MARVEL fan, and love to travel to new places.

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''We create, design and develop for You''

There is a small and curious journey which we cover from the moment we decide to get something for ourselves to finally buying it, especially when it’s something as important as a Phone, Laptop/Computer, or any gadget for that matter considering how useful they are in our day to day life. Our goal is to make that journey simple and the destination useful for u. Means we help u to make a final purchase decision